January 11, 2016


Check Out Vibe in the Press

New realty service caters to Boston’s millennials

"That’s where Vibe Residential, a real estate firm launched this summer by recent Northeastern University grad Nike John, is attempting to help, marketing to millennials, ages 18-34. While the average real estate agent is 57, according to the National Association of Realtors, John, 23, wants to leverage her youth and help her peers “find their spot.” She says she empathizes with those unprepared for “the real world,” and she’s patient when young clients admit they don’t know how to write a check."

Vibe Residential Vies to Bring Full Customer Service Back to the Real Estate Industry

"Vibe understands how students and young professionals can be overlooked by brokers. Vibe helps clients within this demographic navigate the greater Boston real estate market by simplifying the often stressful process of renting or buying your first place."

Why do Boston’s millennials need their own real estate agency?

"A lot of young people live in Boston, as the flood of returning college students makes impossible to ignore. But not all young people are looking for the same thing, and many recent graduates want to leave their college living situations behind them.."

Vibe Residential- Brandathon 2015

Vibe Residential made it to the top 25 in 2015's Brandathon, checkout our video.